Ghost Town Explorer
A poem

Ghost Town Explorer

There is a story worth telling
If one is quiet to hear
A story of a prisoner
And a drifter who frequents here

You see all these years that I’ve been now
Once a charming wife
Victimized by greed and violence
I lost my youthful life

Placed upon a mountain side
High up on a peak
Is my view forever
This prison that I speak

Time slowly passing
Each day glaring below
Nothing new to see
No where I can go

Then came a time
A time not to long ago
A time when I first saw him
This drifter I did not know

From this mountain where I lay
I see his travels below
Not many another pass through here
Not for a hundred years or so

Dust rise on the horizon
From trails around the bend
My drifter is about
The desert once again

His wheeled horse is dark
Hear its deep deep roar
Something I’ve never seen
Racing upon the baron floor

Covered in dust he pushes on through
To places most won’t go
Searching…Searching for times
Times I used to know

From site to site he travels
Inspecting what’s tattered and old
Searching for things forgotten
From a time when there was gold

Soon snow will cover the mountains
And cold will fill the air
My drifter disappears
Until sometime next year

Every day I wait for him
Wait for his return
Hoping he will find me
And my life he will learn

Until this time I can not pass
My story being untold
Release me from captivity
My drifter I’ll never know…

High Desert Drifter
Copyright 2007

   Copyright 2006 High Desert Drifters, All rights reserved.
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