Ghost Town Explorer
Sands Revisited

Venturing way out past the pines
To the land of sand and lost gold mines
The vast dunes cragged in deep dimension
We ponder their meaning in comprehension
Timeless eternity, constant changes
Of sands revisited upon open ranges
Hot winds blow in gusts unceasing
Across stone walls softly creasing
The brown snake slithers his soft ballet
In sinuous motions upon dry clay
Cactus arms are ever reaching
Toward mother sun as if beseeching
Lava rock locks in the mystery
Of eons past and ancient history
Water dear as liquid gold
Dry river beds we now behold
Vistas of color and shadows changing
As the deserts cloak is rearranging
Where some see harshness, we find peace
She brings to us our inner release

©1999-2007 Laura Aden

Laura Aden
A wonderful poet, friend, fellow ghost-towner
And explorer of Arizona’s historic past.

Ghost Town Explorer


   Copyright 2006 High Desert Drifters, All rights reserved.
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